How it Works

The idea behind this blog is to plant seeds for your creativity, and let you take it from there.

Every day, I’ll post a new nugget of inspiration. This could be the first line of a story, or a person, location and activity, or a photo, or anything else I happen to think of. You then take the idea, create something, and post it in the comments.

For example, I’ll post something like: “Today, I woke up next to a salmon.” Then, in the comments, you write me a story about a guy who went camping and fell asleep next to a stream. Or you could write a story about the girl who found a fish on her pillow because her vindictive boyfriend can’t keep his Godfather references straight. Or the one about the mad scientist who plans on taking over the world using radioactive human-salmon hybrids.

It can be as sane or crazy as you like, as long or short as you want it. It can be two-paragraph flash fiction, a short scripted scene, a three-act play, or a feature-length film starring Keanu Reeves as an animated talking dog. Basically, if you can think of it, you can post it.

Text pieces are obviously easier to post than other media, but don’t let that stop you from drawing a picture, writing a song or shooting a video. As of right now, I have no way of letting people upload media, but you may link to your work hosted on another site. The comments do accept HTML tags, so you could, for example, embed a video from YouTube.

Incomplete work, bad ideas, poor grammar and general nonsense is perfectly acceptable and, in fact, encouraged. The idea is to see what you can come up with off the top of your head, not to show off how awesome you are. Please post your all your horrible work. Every good idea started out as a bad idea that someone worked on. By posting your terrible things, you can let go of all your fear and inhibitions that stop you from creating. You also open the door for someone else to take the idea you came up with and push it even further – a practice that is also highly encouraged.

Comments nest, meaning you can comment on comments. You can post comments on other’s work, or write stories based on their stories (or pictures or plays or whatever) as much as you like. Just don’t slam other people’s work. It’s not helpful to anyone, and I’ll just delete it anyway.

There are RSS feeds (for those of you that use aggregators) for comments as well as posts. The comments are really what this blog is all about; without your contributions, this can’t be The Blog of Imaginary Things. It’s just The Blog Of Random Words I Came Up With One Night During CSI, and that’s not fun.


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